Kristīne Leja’s Pet Sitting

Pet Hotel


We offer pet hotel service in a comfortable home environment that is most suitable for your pet. “4paws” offers dog and cat hotel services at our employees’ private homes (a house or an apartment) in Riga, Pieriga and Jurmala.


The available pet hotels with “4paws”:

Why choose pet hotel in a comfortable home environment?
  • Comfortable and suitable home environment. In our pet hotel, unlike in “standard” pet hotels, pets are not kept in crates, kennels or small confined places. They experience less stress and feel better since the environment is brought as close as possible to their home environment. Most of our employees have private houses with a fenced area where dogs can freely run and play off-leash.

  • We only pet sit a small number of animals (1–6) at the same time, taking into account the specific housing conditions of the pet sitter and the customer preferences. Unlike “standard” pet hotels that offer boarding for a large number of pets simultaneously, we can offer personal attitude and devote more time and attention to your pet during your absence.

  • We take into account each pet’s individual regime that includes the regular feeding and walking times as well as other daily routines.

    • Environment suited to the individual needs and character of each pet. If a dog is friendly and socialized, we can offer walking and playing together with other friendly dogs. If pets, however, do not get along with each other, we observe the principle of safety and ensure that pets do not encounter each other.

  Our pet sitter will:
  • feed your pet and ensure fresh water is available;
  • walk your pet 3–5 times a day;
  • clean the litter box (for cats);
  • play the favourite games of your pet;
  • socialize your dog with other dogs (if the dog is not aggressive);
  • groom your pet (comb, clean the eyes, skin folds, paws, ears and teeth according to your instructions);
  • follow the pet’s overall health and take your pet to a veterinarian, if needed;
  • administer vitamins, dietary supplements and medicaments, if necessary;
  • teach general obedience skills;
  • provide free consultations on general health and feeding issues and, of course, give lots of attention and love.