Kristīne Leja’s Pet Sitting

Home visits

Home visits  

Home visits or in-home pet sitting service can take various forms – a single daily visit, overnight stay or 24-hour in-your-home pet sitting.

A half an hour or one hour visit once a day or every other day has become a popular service among cat and other small animal owners.

Why choose this service?

  • Best suited for pets prone to stress.

  • Your pet will remain in a familiar and safe environment with known surroundings, smells and sounds.

  • In-home pet sitting is financially advantageous if you have multiple pets. In a pet hotel you will be charged for each pet separately, however, a home visit usually has a set price for several pets.

  • You don’t have to worry about contracting diseases, infections and parasites, which are usually transmitted in “standard”pet hotels where lots of animals are boarded.

Our pet sitter will:

  • feed your pet and ensure fresh water is available;

  • clean the litter box;

  • play the favourite games of your pet;

  • groom your pet (comb, clean the eyes, skin folds, paws, ears and teeth according to your instructions);

  • follow your pet’s overall health and take your pet to a veterinarian, if needed;

  • administer vitamins, dietary supplements and medications, if needed;

  • and, of course, give lots of hugs;

  • ensure plant watering and pick up mail and newspapers, as agreed.

Apply for Service

Write to [email protected] or Call 26123019.