Kristīne Leja’s Pet Sitting

Dog walking service


If you work long hours, make frequent business trips, travel or just need help with caring for your pet, we will walk your dog instead of you!

These can be occasional walks as well as a regular dog walking service.

Why choose dog walking service?

    • Regular and scheduled walks. We agree on the necessary time, duration and frequency of walks in advance. This allows us to ensure a fixed walking schedule for your dog.




  • Continuous service. The service is provided on weekends as well as holidays. To ensure the continuity of service, up to three “4paws” employees can be involved.

  • Walks in all weather conditions. We will walk your dog in all weather conditions, be it a rainy and windy autumn day, a cold winter day or summer heat.


Apply for a service

Write at [email protected] or call us 26123019.