Kristīne Leja’s Pet Sitting

Dog daycare




During daytime, while you’re at work or outside home, you can leave your dog with our pet sitter. This service is more suitable for dogs that require special care, continuous presence of a human (young or older animals), as well as for pets whose owners want them to have an exciting and fun-filled day. You can leave your dog with us and bring it back home at a time convenient for you. Or we can collect your dog and deliver it back, if necessary.

Our dog sitter will:

  • ensure uninterrupted pet sitting and care;
  • feed your dog and ensure fresh water is available;
  • walk your dog 3-5 times a day;
  • play the favourite games of your dog;
  • socialize your dog (if the dog is not aggressive);
  • teach general obedience skills;
  • groom your dog (comb, clean the eyes, skin folds, paws, ears and teeth according to your instructions);
  • follow the dog’s overall health and take your dog to a veterinarian, if needed;
  • administer vitamins, dietary supplements and medications, if necessary;
  • provide free consultations on general health and feeding issues
  • and of course give lots of attention and love.

Apply for Service

Write to [email protected] or Call 26123019.