Kristīne Leja’s Pet Sitting

Kristīne Leja

Kristīne Leja, the founder and manager of “4paws”

I have always had a special connection to animals, for as long as I can remember. I enjoy their presence as well as taking care of them. Some say you can’t give up on your dreams. I believe that my faith and the wish to combine my hobby and work have encouraged me to reach my goals.

I established my company in 2006, and since then I have been actively engaged in pet sitting. I am proud to be the first in Latvia and the Baltic states to have established this unique service.

When I am asked “What do you do for a living?”, I usually laugh and reply that I am a “pet nanny”. This may not sound very serious, however, being a pet sitter is a very serious job because pets are like children.

Not only love for animals, but also professional expertise is what matters in this job. In 2007, I enrolled in the cynology course organised by the Latvian Cynological Federation and, in 2008, I passed the exam with excellence. I have also completed cat and dog first aid training.

I have gained experience with various types and breeds of pets – toy dog breeds (Toy Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers), working dogs (German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Labradors), cats of various breeds (Devon Rex, Abyssinian and Eastern breeds), rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs as well as other small animals.

I am a professional financial manager, but for many years I worked in the personnel recruitment field. Skills obtained in this work come in useful when communicating with pet owners. Right now, I am directing all my efforts at taking care of our canine and feline companions and other small pets.

I am proud to have lots of satisfied clients who seek my service over and over and recommend it to their friends and acquaintances. Thank you for your trust!

I am also thankful to my family – brother Māris and my mother Anna – for their support and help in looking after pets. I am especially thankful to my father, from whom I have inherited my love for animals. I know he would be very proud of me.